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Solar and the Investment Tax Credit

Over the past few months, Coloradans-and Americans in general-have been inundated with political advertisements that finally culminated with midterm elections. No matter your political affiliation, it is obvious that the legislators we elect into office and the policies they create impact us all. One policy in particular that has had a profound effect on the Solar Industry over the past nine years is the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This tax credit—which revolutionized access to solar—began in 2005 with the Energy Policy Act. The Bi-Partisan act…that’s right, BI-PARTISAN…gave new commercial solar projects  and residential solar projects a tax credit for 30% of their system’s cost. This opened up the possibility of solar to a whole new market of homeowners and businesses. Luckily, [...]

Commercial Solar Storage

By far, one of the most noticeable new products offered at this year's Solar Power International was the plethora of Commercial Storage options. Solar Storage is a relatively new hybrid of both grid tie and battery based systems. Historically, the Solar Industry started with off-grid, battery-based systems that granted customers autonomy from big electric utilities. However as policies and technology made it more convenient and less expensive to create grid-tie systems, the industry transitioned away from batteries. Within the last couple years, some of the biggest names in Solar—SunPower, SMA, Kyocera—have begun creating technology that would allow for both grid tie and batteries to exist within the same system using Solar Storage. Especially with lithium-ion batteries projected to continue to [...]