Solar Energy 101 – Choosing a Solar Contractor

Now that you have learned about the multiple benefits of going solar and looked at the array of solar options the final step is choosing a solar company to complete your installation. What to look for Pre-screening for technical expertise, licenses and insurance, industry experience, market reputation and longevity in the solar industry. These pre-screening traits should be met and explained by your solar contractor, and here is some basic knowledge of each. Experience and Expertise When looking for your solar installer, they should have a well-trained and highly experienced staff. The gold standard is the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners’ (NABCEP’s) Solar PV Installation Professional Certification. Solar companies should have NABCEP-certified professionals on staff in order to provide quality assurance for [...]

Solar Energy 101 – Purchase, Lease or Loan – Finding the Right Solar Option for You!

Solar panel systems bring many advantages including reducing your electric bill and protecting you against rising utility costs. Solar on your home can increase your property value and produces clean energy which also helps to protect the environment. Most importantly, with the falling costs of equipment and accessible financing solutions, solar is affordable! Purchase, Lease or Loan? Your financial goals will help you decide whether you should own your solar panel system or lease it. Here are some differences between owning and leasing: Ownership: If you buy a solar panel system, either outright (if purchasing with cash) or repaying within a solar loan, benefits include being eligible to reduce your federal tax liability through the federal investment tax credit and increasing the [...]

Solar Energy 101 – Top 3 Benefits of Going Solar!

Going solar has a wide variety of benefits. From improving the environment to cutting energy costs, many people install solar to reduce their carbon footprint while also improving their property value. No matter your motivation, here are some top reasons for consideration: #1 – Reduce or even eliminate your electric bills. If you are a home or business owner, then you know that electricity costs can be a large portion of your monthly expenses and electricity prices can be unpredictable, making management of your budget difficult. When you install a solar panel system, you fix your electricity costs and make them more predictable. This is especially beneficial for anyone with a fixed income, as well as for businesses that could gain [...]

Solar Energy101 – What is it and how does it work?

What is solar energy? Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun that is harnessed using an array of various technologies, including photovoltaic (PV) cells aka solar panels. The photovoltaic process is the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity using semiconducting materials. A solar cell is a type of semiconductor. The most common type of silicon solar cells are comprised of 2 types of silicon wafers overlaying each other. When the solar cell is exposed to light, positively and negatively charged particles (positive holes and electrons) are generated. The negatively charged particles are attracted to n-type silicon and the positively charged particles are attracted to p-type silicon. As a result, when a light bulb or other electrically powered [...]