Berthod Motors

Berthod Motors

Project Description

When Berthod Motors wanted to build a new facility, the City told them that they would need to provide a visual screen for the roof top HVAC  units. Don Gerbaz, Vice President and General Manager, had the foresight to suggest that solar modules could provide the visual screen and produce clean green energy for the facility. Sunsense Solar designed a custom system that achieved both goals. We installed EnPhase  micro inverters to maintain maximum production despite the different orientations of the arrays.

“We decided to install solar panels to screen rooftop HVAC units and had not worked with a solar installation company before. I can say that Sunsense made it easy from the initial consultation through to the end product. They performed when they said they would and made it comfortable for a lay person to make a decision. Great experience!”

Don Gerbaz, Vice President, Berthod Motors,Glenwood Springs, CO.

System Specifications

  • System Size: 10.08 kW
  • PV Modules: Aleo S79U240
  • Inverters: EnPhase M215
  • Mounting System: Customized SFLex tilt up mounting system

Project Notes

  • Location: Glenwood Springs, CO
  • Date Completed: May, 2013


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