Big Mountain Ranch

Big Mountain Ranch

Project Description

Large off grid ranch with many different power needs.  Sunsense did a complete “remodel” and updated all of the power systems.  The original racking foundation had failed and was slowly falling off the hillside.  Sunsense also repaired and updated the charge controllers, inverters and battery systems and provided  power for an off the grid sporting clays shotgun range.


System Specifications

  • System Size: 8.216 kW
  • PV Modules: Kyocera, KC158G
  • Inverters: (8) Outback FX2548, sealed inverters
  • Battery bank: (4) Rolls 6CS25P, total amp hour 3280
  • Mounting System: Direct Power and Water Top of Pole Mount

Project Notes

  • Location: Rifle, CO
  • Date Completed: July 2011


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