Check Residence

Check Residence

Project Description

“I am coming around to the first year milestone of having more than 80% of my electricity usage being provided by a beautiful 7.35 KW Sunpower photovoltaic system installed by Sunsense Solar and I could not be more thrilled, happy, and proud. Sunsense Solar has been awesome to work with in the initial planning and diligent follow-up, and it was great fun to watch the Sunsense Solar team expertly installing my system. Now that the system has been up and running, I love to step outside and watch my electric meter spinning furiously backwards thanks to the abundant free photons hitting my roof! For anyone on the fence about putting in their own PV system with the help of Sunsense Solar, I could not be more enthusiastic in saying: Do it now! You absolutely will never regret it!”

Mike Check, Homeowner


System Specifications

  • System Size: 7.35kW
  • PV Modules: Sunpower SPR-245NE-WHT
  • Inverters: SPR-7501f
  • Mounting System: Sunpower Flush Roof Mount

Project Notes

  • Location: Basalt, CO
  • Date Completed: November, 2013


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