Peter Estin Hut

Peter Estin Hut

Portfolio Description

“10th Mountain Division Hut Association looks to Sunsense for all solar electrical work at the huts because they have a proven ability to design, install, and maintain solar electric systems in very remote locations and extremely unforgiving environments. This partnership with Sunsense allows 10th Mountain to further its mission of providing warm, comfortable shelter in the backcountry, often enjoyed by those who have little or no prior experience with solar electrical systems. This user base creates unique challenges and Sunsense has responded in every instance with creative and clever solutions to provide dependable power at the huts.”


Ben Dodge, Executive Director, 10th Mountain Division Hut Association

Project Description

This newly remodelled remote hut has a full DC LED lighting system, along with inter-connectable smoke and CO2 alarm system, all powered by 12 VDC from the solar panels and sealed batteries.

System Specifications

  • System Size: 0.240 kW
  • PV Modules: Solarex MSX60
  • Inverters: Sunsaver 20
  • Mounting System: Pole

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Project Notes

  • Location: North West of Charles Peak, CO
  • Date Completed: 1998