San Miguel Power Authority

San Miguel Power Authority

Portfolio Description

“Sunsense Solar has always delivered a high quality and competitively priced design/build as well as a turn-key installation service. They approach each project with a professional demeanor and with the creativity necessary to overcome the challenges. For the strength of their team, the ease of collaboration and their professional capabilities, Martifer Solar USA highly recommends Sunsense as a leading subcontractor.”
Dave Sanders, Sr. Vice President, Operations, Martifer Solar USA

Project Description

This award winning Community Solar Garden was developed for San Miguel Power Authority and is the largest Community Solar Garden in the USA. Sunsense Solar provided both design and turn-key installation services for the project.


System Specifications

  • System Size: 1.12 MW
  • PV Modules: Hanwah Solar one 235
  • Inverters: Advanced Energy TX500
  • Mounting System: S:Flex Ground Mount


Project Notes

  • Location: Paradox Valley, CO
  • Date Completed: December 2012