Thornal Residence

Thornal Residence

Project Description

This was a complicated project that not only involved 4 different extremely steep roofs at different orientations, but also includes 3000 watts of emergency power supply when the sun is shining. The SMA TL (transformer-less) inverters each supply up to 1500 watts if there is enough solar input and the electric grid is down. Because there are no batteries, it means no backup power at night, but it also means less long term maintenance and cost for your backup power system, especially compared to a propane or natural gas generator.

“From start to finish, Sunsense was spectacular!  I knew very little about solar going into this, and I interviewed all the available companies as we considered converting our house to solar.  Sunsense Solar was the obvious choice, and now that it is all said and done, they did not disappoint.  From the initial consultation, to installation, follow-up, and all the other steps, they were professional, courteous, and very skilled.  I’m very happy we chose them.”

Ben Thornal, Homeowner

System Specifications

  • System Size: 8.415 kW
  • PV Modules: Suniva OPT 255
  • Inverters: SMA TL4000-US
  • Mounting System: Flush Roof Mount

Project Notes

  • Location: Glenwood Springs, CO
  • Date Completed: November, 2012


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