Town of Palisade Water Treatment Plant

Town of Palisade Water Treatment Plant

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Portfolio Description

This commercial solar installation on the Western Slope of Colorado was the result of a competitive bidding process employed by the Town of Palisade. Sunsense Solar was able to offer the Town a financed PV system that did not require any upfront investment from the Town and will provide substantial savings to the Town on the electric utility bill at the facility.

“Sunsense Solar developed our PV project with creative foresight and provided maximum benefit to our community with their openness and flexibility. Their design and installation teams worked closely with staff to ensure that there were virtually no disruptions to our operations. Every challenge was met with a positive can-do spirit and the system is performing flawlessly.”

Frank Watt, Public Works Director, Town of Palisade, CO.


System Specifications

  • System Size: 78 kW
  • PV Modules: Avim A_18 ulr 240W
  • Inverters: Advanced Energy AE 75TX
  • Mounting System: Panel Claw Panda Bear Ballasted Ground Mount

Project Notes

  • Location: Palisade, CO
  • Date Completed: June 2013


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