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Solar Makeover – Gus the Bus!

Sunsense Solar has joined the Preschool on Wheels initiative! Gus the Bus, of the Aspen Community Foundation, provided the foundation for Sunsense to give a solar makeover. Gus the Bus uses a diesel generator to provide power. Sunsense is installing solar panels on the roof, plus providing battery storage. The aim is to reduce the […]

Solar Variety

Some of our clients plug into solar in multiple facets. If you're considering solar for your home, there's a benefit to learning a little more from this example. Here in this photo you can see solar energy being used in three different ways: 1. Solar PV We learned about solar PV in our Solar 101 [...]

Solar Energy 101 – Choosing a Solar Contractor

Now that you have learned about the multiple benefits of going solar and looked at the array of solar options the final step is choosing a solar company to complete your installation. What to look for Pre-screening for technical expertise, licenses and insurance, industry experience, market reputation and longevity in the solar industry. These pre-screening […]

Solar Energy 101 – Purchase, Lease or Loan – Finding the Right Solar Option for You!

Solar panel systems bring many advantages including reducing your electric bill and protecting you against rising utility costs. Solar on your home can increase your property value and produces clean energy which also helps to protect the environment. Most importantly, with the falling costs of equipment and accessible financing solutions, solar is affordable! Purchase, Lease […]

Solar Energy 101 – Top 3 Benefits of Going Solar!

Going solar has a wide variety of benefits. From improving the environment to cutting energy costs, many people install solar to reduce their carbon footprint while also improving their property value. No matter your motivation, here are some top reasons for consideration: #1 – Reduce or even eliminate your electric bills. If you are a […]

Solar Energy101 – What is it and how does it work?

What is solar energy? Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun that is harnessed using an array of various technologies, including photovoltaic (PV) cells aka solar panels. The photovoltaic process is the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity using semiconducting materials. A solar cell is a type of semiconductor. The most common […]

Solar Storage and the 30% Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

The 30% federal tax credit, also known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC)  is perhaps the best-known incentive for making the decision to invest in a solar photovoltaic system for your home or business. Since its introduction in 2005, the ITC has been an important driver in helping solar energy grow and evolve into the […]

Sunsense Solar Recognized as a Top Solar Contractor in Colorado and Nationwide

Coming off the biggest year ever for U.S. solar installations, local installer Sunsense Solar is proud to be named one of the top solar contractors in the United States by Solar Power World magazine. Sunsense Solar achieved a rank of 259 out of the top 500 solar companies nationally and 10th of a total 219 [1] […]

Taking Action on Climate in the Era of Trump

The impact of Climate Change on our environment is ever present. Recently, a trillion-ton piece of ice roughly the size of Delaware broke off of Antarctica. This event, along with many other scientifically researched metrics, demonstrate that our world has reached a tipping point and we must make fundamental policy changes or our planet may not be able […]

Solar Financing for Homeowners

Going solar seems like a no-brainer when you think of the incredible benefits: lower electric bills, smaller carbon footprint, and increased home value. Over the past couple years, equipment prices have decreased dramatically, so solar is more affordable than ever! However, solar is still a financial investment and not everyone may have the upfront capital […]

Spring Into Action

Participating in your local community around environmental issues can be empowering. For this blog, we look at different ways you can spring into action and get involved in the Roaring Fork Valley to help combat climate change. Act We have all heard the phrase “Think Globally, Act Locally” and there is nothing more local than […]

In Memory of Colin Bashant: Chitas, Guatemala Installation

In December of 2015, we tragically lost our solar brother Colin Bashant. It was a part of Colin’s mission to install solar energy “in different climates, for different demographics with varying production needs, to best understand the most effective way for renewable energy to proliferate and satisfy global energy demands”. With the support of Colin’s friends, […]

Green Transportation

Transportation is a necessity in our world; however transportation is also one of the largest contributors to air pollution and climate change. Luckily, modern scientists and engineers are constantly inventing new and innovative ways to keep you mobile without harming the planet. So we decided to explore some environmentally conscious ways you can commute to work […]

Jeff Lauckhart: Commercial PV Designer and Environmental Enthusiast

Jeff Lauckhart, a pillar here at Sunsense Solar, joined the team over a decade ago. Starry-eyed and eager to get his hands on some solar, Jeff quickly found his groove within the company and eventually became part of the commercial squad and head of the design department. Jeff’s calm yet witty demeanor make him an excellent […]

Rafting on the Roaring Fork: A Team Building Adventure

Every now and then the Sunsense team enjoys getting out of the office to strengthen our professional bond. This past Friday we had the chance to go on a company float trip down the Roaring Fork River.[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last] Four rafts, two SUPS, and one fly fishing pontoon carried all of the Sunsense-ians from Carbondale to Glenwood Springs. […]

Sunsense Spotlight: Tyler Sweeney, Energy Expert

Last year,  Sunsense Solar was lucky enough to have Tyler Sweeney join the team as a Residential Solar Consultant. Tyler brought with him a passion for sustainability and extensive knowledge of energy efficiency. He has quickly made himself indispensable! Tyler not only helps clients decide what solar PV system is best for their home, but also conducts home […]

Amicus Solar Cooperative Blog: Solar Policies Across America

The solar industry is still at a stage where it relies on local, state, and federal policies. Depending on where you are located across the country, the acceptance and support of solar energy on a legislative level varies drastically. For this month’s Amicus Solar Cooperative blog, we will examine how communities around America approach solar through […]

Earth Day 2016: Celebrating Andy Lietz

This past Friday, the Sunsense Team was fortunate enough to participate in our 14th Habitat for Humanity Earth Day installation for the Dory family of Basalt, CO. The roof mounted solar electric system was a 5.6 kW–our largest Habitat install to date! A special thanks to the generous donations of Suniva, SolarEdge, and BayWa, without which this project […]

Sunsense Spotlight: “Jes” of All Trades

Now that the holidays are over and we have brought in the New Year, it’s time for the first Sunsense Spotlight blog of 2016!! [one_half][/one_half][one_half_last]This time we will focus on Sunsense cornerstone, Jes Sanderford. Jes joined the Sunsense Team back in 2008 to work in the Operations Department. With his extensive rock climbing background, Jes felt […]

Solar 2016 – Trends and New Opportunities

With the close of 2015 and the unexpected extension of the Solar Investment Tax Credit, US Solar companies can now look toward 2016 with a stable marketplace within which to operate. The US Solar economy continues to enjoy unprecedented growth, providing employment for over 200,000 solar workers and achieving a  total installed capacity of over […]

Small Businesses Benefit from Financing Solar Projects

Sunsense Solar is a member of Amicus, a cooperative of the finest independent solar companies across the United States. Each month Amicus members share experiences on various solar topics and this month we asked Amicus members to talk about solar financing options for business owners who want to invest in solar but might not want to pay […]

Sunsense Spotlight: Courtney Kunkleman, Solar Installer and All Around Badass

This past summer, Courtney Kunkleman moved to Carbondale, CO and was later hired onto Sunsense’s Operations Crew. While learning the ropes of solar PV installation, she quickly became an indispensable part of the team. Courtney’s remarkable work ethic and determination always shine through as she gains experience working on residential, commercial, and off grid solar electric systems. The entire Sunsense team […]

Community Driven Solar: The Solarize Story

For our second installment of the Amicus Solar Cooperative Blog Series, we will be exploring the grassroots Solarize Program and how it has impacted different communities across the country. Here’s what Gordon from New York based Taitem Engineering had to say: Taitem was new to Solarize programs before last year. For those that don’t know […]

Sunsense Spotlight: Steven Haines, Off Grid Guru and Solar Maven

In our second installment of the Sunsense Spotlight Blog series, we are going to highlight Steven Haines. Steve is our Off Grid Solar Consultant, Residential Solar Sales Manager, and Purchasing Manager…needless to say, this guy is pretty busy. Steve is a long time Sunsense-sonian and has been with the company for over 10 years! From […]

Empowering Students with Solar Schools

Sunsense Solar is a member of Amicus Solar Cooperative, a group of PV integrators and EPCs who work together to lower costs, improve operational efficiencies and share best practices. Over the next few months we will be featuring stories on various topics that include perspectives from some of our fellow Amicus members. We hope you […]

Sunsense Spotlight: Doni Nicoll, Designer and Logistics Extraordinaire!

To start off our new Sunsense Spotlight blog series, I decided to highlight our residential solar PV designer/logistics specialist/all ’round nice guy, Doni Nicoll. Whether you need a design for your new PV system or have to schedule an installation–Doni is your man. With close to 10 years of experience in the industry, Doni brings a wealth […]

Then & Now: Sunsense Solar’s 25th Anniversary!

[one_half][/one_half] [one_half_last][/one_half_last] It may be hard to believe, but this past weekend Sunsense Solar celebrated its 25thAnniversary! Going solar has gained a lot of popularity and momentum in recent years, and solar is a rapidly growing industry. However, the technology has been around for decades–as has Sunsense. [one_half][/one_half] [one_half_last] [/one_half_last] Sunsense Solar’s Founder and President, Scott […]

Sunnyside Ranch Community Solar Array Ribbon Cutting

Last Friday, May 15th, some of the Sunsense team attended the ribbon cutting for the Sunnyside Ranch Community Solar Array. Sunsense Solar designed and installed this 1.8 megawatt photovoltaic system for Clean Energy Collective (CEC)–a company that specializes in community based clean-energy facilities. [one_half][/one_half] [one_half_last][/one_half_last] CEC’s founder and president, Paul Spencer, was the primary speaker for the […]

Nepal Earthquake: Solar and Disaster Relief

On Saturday April 25th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal and caused widespread devastation. Since then, the death toll has been rising as aftershocks and disease start to ravage the inaccessible countryside and the capital region of Kathmandu. With thousands of people either homeless or too afraid to venture back into their structurally unsound dwellings, […]

Earth Day 2015: Volunteering and Ribbon Cutting

Eagle County hosted an Earth Day event this week and invited Sunsense Solar to educate county staff about the advantages of solar for your home. Cristian Basso, an Eagle County based representative for Sunsense Solar, was on hand to answer questions. [one_half][/one_half] [one_half_last][/one_half_last] The highlight of the day was a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate […]

Green Mission: Pope Francis and his Environmental Encyclical

With Easter coming up this Sunday, it is important to note the strides the current Pope is taking towards helping acknowledge and reverse Climate Change. Currently, Pope Francis is writing an Encyclical—a papal document sent to all Catholic Bishops—which will reportedly say not only that Climate Change is real but that the Catholic community should start taking […]

Solar and the Free Market: Competition in the Energy Industry

For over 100 years, the United States’ Electric Grid has remained virtually unchanged. However, recently this monopoly has come across its first real competition: The Solar Industry—and many utility companies are not pleased. Net Metering poses some challenges for utility companies. Net metering is a policy which dictates that when grid tied photovoltaic systems produce […]

Drink Sustainably: The Brewing Industry’s Commitment to Fighting Climate Change

As St. Patrick’s Day quickly approaches, many people are probably getting ready for some serious beer consumption. But while the general public is thinking about drinking beer, some breweries are focusing on battling climate change. This week, over twenty breweries have “signed the Climate Declaration, a business call to action that urges policymakers to seize […]

Technology + Activism: How Solar Benefits Women in Developing Nations

Due to social and cultural norms, 21st Century women around the world still face challenges everyday simply because they were born with female bodies. Thankfully, some truly wonderful organizations have found ways to take solar technology and use it to actively improve the lives of women in developing nations. Photo: Navil Zaveri cooking in kitchen, […]

Empowerment through Politics: Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Fight for Sustainability

As we all know, due to special interest groups, our current Congress is not exactly keen on passing green bills—despite the fact that the majority of Americans clearly support renewable energy and other sustainable initiatives. This is why one trail blazing non-profit, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, is taking a stand to support their Carbon Fee & […]

The State of Solar: Solar Policies in Florida, Vermont, and Colorado

Within the last few years, many states in the country have stepped up their commitment to supporting solar through incentives, mandates, and energy goals. However, each state has taken their own unique approach to incorporating solar into their agendas. Here are some examples of how differently three states approach the Solar Industry. Florida [one_half] [/one_half] […]

Shining Light on the Financial Side of Going Solar

With solar becoming an increasingly popular energy alternative, more Americans may be asking themselves is going solar a good financial choice for me? In short, YES, going solar is a worthwhile and feasible investment for many reasons! Decrease in Equipment Cost [one_half] via [/one_half] [one_half_last]   To start off, in the past, Solar has had […]

Microgrids: A Solar Solution to National Security Threats

Cyber hackers try to attack American infrastructure systems- such as our energy grid-on a consistent basis. The potential outcome could be problematic if not devastating. Some even refer a successful take down of our grid as a “Cyber Pearl Harbor”. There could be widespread blackouts that might last months. It doesn’t help that most of […]

Solar and the Investment Tax Credit

Over the past few months, Coloradans-and Americans in general-have been inundated with political advertisements that finally culminated with midterm elections. No matter your political affiliation, it is obvious that the legislators we elect into office and the policies they create impact us all. One policy in particular that has had a profound effect on the […]

Commercial Solar Storage

By far, one of the most noticeable new products offered at this year’s Solar Power International was the plethora of Commercial Storage options. Solar Storage is a relatively new hybrid of both grid tie and battery based systems. Historically, the Solar Industry started with off-grid, battery-based systems that granted customers autonomy from big electric utilities. […]

Winter is Coming: How to Prepare your Solar PV System for the Winter.

This week we saw the first snowfall of the year on top of Mount Sopris. And with the chill in the air, one thing is abundantly clear: winter is coming. It’s time to start pulling out those comfy sweaters, finding the snow shovels, and getting your PV system ready for the upcoming season. There are […]

Join the Race to Educate Students about Solar Energy

As Fall approaches and the kids  get used to being back in school, there are more opportunities than ever to learn about renewable energy in a classroom setting. Students in Carbondale, as well as across the country, now have access to an incredible program called Solar Rollers. Solar Rollers is an exciting new energy-based competition […]

Top 5 Solar Gadgets: Solar Powered Tweeting and More!

There are many ways to introduce solar into your life. From a photovoltaic array to a solar powered charger for your phone, harnessing the sun’s power and relying  on renewable energy is a positive change for both you and the larger community. In our technologically evolving society, electronic devices have become indispensable to many people—including myself. […]

Sunsense Solar Listed as a 2014 Top Solar Contractor

Solar Power World released the much anticipated 2014 Top Solar Contractors list this week and we are proud to report that, for the third year running, Sunsense Solar made the grade. “America’s solar industry is currently on pace to achieve another record-shattering year,” said Rhone Resch, President and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association […]

Do I need Batteries with my Solar PV System?

The vast majority of residential solar electric installations happen in locations where the utility grid is readily accessible and no battery storage is required. However, more and more grid connected homeowners are considering a battery back up option for their Photovoltaic (PV) system. Sunsense has recently installed three photovoltaic systems that are equipped with battery […]

From Carbondale to “Solardale”

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains at 6,200 feet, Carbondale has been the home of Sunsense Solar since our founding in 1990. Originally an agricultural community that supplied food for the nearby silver-mining town of Aspen, throughout most of the 20th century Carbondale’s economy was primarily based on coal operations up the Crystal River Valley (hence, […]

Solar for Mountain Rescue Aspen

Here at  Sunsense we are all very proud of our involvement with the building of a new facility for Mountain Rescue Aspen. Mountain Rescue Aspen is an all volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through back country rescue and mountain safety education Unlike other emergency response agencies such as Police or Ambulance, or even Volunteer Fire, there […]

Celebrating Earth Day with Habitat for Humanity

[one_half][/one_half] [one_half_last] For the third consecutive Earth Day, the Sunsense Solar team was invited to collaborate with the Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork Valley Chapter , in a home solar panels installation at the latest Habitat home in Carbondale, Colorado. The future  home of the Lavender Family is currently under construction and is expected to be […]

Solar Car Charging for Sustainable Transportation

The Sunsense Solar buggy started its life as a neglected and abandoned 2002 Ford Think Neighbor.  Someone had unplugged it for the winter and the batteries got damaged beyond repair.  Luckily Steve found it and began the restoration process.  A few months later, the buggy was back on the road sporting a new paint job, lots of new […]

Sunsense Solar Wins the SunPower 2013 “Intelegant Award for Excellence”

Recognized for Design and Installation of High Efficiency Rooftop Solar Power System at Wayne N. Aspinall Federal Building and US Courthouse CARBONDALE, Colo., March 18, 2014 – Sunsense Solar, a Colorado-based solar installer and SunPower Premier Dealer, today announced that it has received the national SunPower “Intelegant Award for Excellence” for a 123-kilowatt solar photovoltaic […]

Embracing a Sustainable Lifestyle with Pedal Power

We see solar power as a great way for people to empower themselves to offset their carbon footprint on this planet and if you are ready to implement solar for your home or solar for your business then we would love to connect you with one of our expert solar consultants  to help you realize your […]

Keeping up on Solar Innovation

One of the best ways to keep up and see all the changes in the solar industry is by attending solar conferences and expos. Probably the largest and best attended of these is Solar Power International (SPI) , most recently held last October in Chicago.  This four-day event was attended by over 13,000 solar professionals, […]

Be an Economic Driver in 2014.

If you are still of the mindset that solar is too expensive then you may find that you have fallen behind the times and don’t quite have your finger on the pulse of what’s hot and happening in 2014. Sure the economy is still sluggish but the US population installed a new solar array once […]

Sunsense in the Community

It’s the season for giving and most importantly for remembering our neighbors that may need help, not just now but throughout the year. Sunsense Solar is well known for participation in community based projects and every year Sunsense dedicates many hours of staff time to organizing equipment donations and coordinating labor and sub contractor services […]

Sunsense Solar Named as one of Top 250 Solar Contractors in Nation.

Sunsense Solar, a photovoltaic design and installation company based in Carbondale Colorado has been named by Solar Power World, as one of the 2013 Top 250 Solar Contractors. There are currently around 6,500 solar companies in the USA and Sunsense Solar ranks 127 in “influence in the residential, commercial and utility solar installation markets” according […]

Do I need to wash my solar panels?

This is a common question and the quick answer is “probably not”! If you live in an area of moderate to high precipitation then there is a good chance that your array is a getting a natural cleaning once every while from Mother Nature. And even if your modules do get a little dirty from […]

Understanding Solar Incentives.

Whether you are considering solar for your business or solar for your home, you have probably heard about various types of incentive programs that can help you make the decision to invest in solar and realize the benefits. Understanding the different incentive types and how they work can be a little confusing so here is […]

Divest now and keep fossil fuels where they belong – in the ground!

The divestment movement is really starting to gain some traction in the US with commitments from hundreds of universities, colleges, towns, cities and religious institutions through out the nation. Organizations such as and are working hard to encourage large institutions to look at where they have their money invested and which companies are […]

Charging Cell Phones the Solar Way.

Sunsense Solar has been attending the Telluride Bluegrass Festival for many years, baking solar cookies for the kids, educating the public on their solar options and enjoying the beautiful music and mountains. Its a badge of honor to tell others how many of the 40 annual festivals you have attended and this 40th year of […]

We’ve Come A Long Way Baby!

Solar really has come a long way since its early beginnings powering satellites in the US Space program. The U.S. now has over 7,700 MW of installed solar electric capacity, enough to power more than 1.2 million American households. In 2012 eleven US states installed 50 MW or more and over 82,000 homes installed solar […]

How Much Solar Do I Need?

Its one of the first questions a homeowner asks (along with what will it cost) but honestly there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Whether your goal is to reduce your electricity bill, generate your own clean energy or increase the value of your home, leasing or purchasing a solar photovoltaic ( PV ) system is a […]

Sunsense on the Road

March was a great month for going out and about to the Energy Expos. Andy and Steve had a good time talking to everyone about Sunsense and our many solar services.  

Sunsense Solar Launches New Website – Yeah

We are super excited about our new site and want to shout it out to the world, so here we go. Yeah, Sunsense Solar finally has a new website!

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