Be an Economic Driver in 2014

If you are still of the mindset that solar is too expensive then you may find that you have fallen behind the times and don’t quite have your finger on the pulse of what’s hot and happening in 2014.

Sure the economy is still sluggish but the US population installed a new solar array once every 4 minutes in 2013 and predictions for solar industry growth in 2014 look to be even better.

The solar industry is proving to be an economic driver and job creator. Just think about it – the demand for solar power means that more materials need to be manufactured and delivered and more systems need to be designed and installed, all tasks that require skilled and trained professionals.

As demand for solar power increases so does job growth in the solar energy industry.

Installing solar can significantly reduce your electric bill meaning that homeowners that choose solar will have more money to spend. Money that will be spent on other goods and services spreading economic benefit outward to other parts of the economy as well.

Smart business leaders are getting in on the action too.

Iconic brands such as Walmart, General Motors, IKEA, Apple and Google have all made significant commitments to use solar to power their facilities. In fact Walmart generates more energy from the sun than 38 of the US states.

And they are not the only ones. Smart businesses of all sizes are electing to take control of their escalating energy costs and are realizing significant savings on their energy bills.

You can join them. Elect to be a smart homeowner, a smart business owner and an economic driver in 2014.

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