Drink Sustainably: The Brewing Industry’s Commitment to Fighting Climate Change

As St. Patrick’s Day quickly approaches, many people are probably getting ready for some serious beer consumption. But while the general public is thinking about drinking beer, some breweries are focusing on battling climate change. This week, over twenty breweries have “signed the Climate Declaration, a business call to action that urges policymakers to seize the economic opportunity of tackling climate change”. This is a unified step towards making significant environmental policy change.

Breweries have a lot to lose to climate change. The Craft Brewing Industry in particular puts an emphasis on quality vs. quantity. In order to make a high quality beer, you need high quality ingredients. Most ingredients found in beer come from our agricultural industry—including hops and barley. In addition, many breweries incorporate other local or seasonal agricultural ingredients into their beers throughout the year. Rapidly increasing Climate Change directly affects crop production. Combating Climate Change is the best proactive measure to take in order to protect the integrity of the Beer Industry for generations to come.

Being a socially responsible company is about putting your sustainable beliefs into action—the same can be said about being a socially responsible consumer. Just as these breweries are taking steps to combat Climate Change, you can be conscious of the carbon footprint of the products you buy. So when you are enjoying some beer(s) on St. Patrick’s Day—or any day—check out the breweries of your favorite stouts, lagers, and ales and see what type of sustainable policy and practices they have. To make it easier, you can also check out the Solsystems “Solar Powered Brew Pocket Reference” that shows some breweries that have gone Solar! Do your part, but more importantly, drink some beer!

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Kelsey Gibb
Administrative Assistant and Rebate Specialist

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