• Earth Day 2015: Volunteering and Ribbon Cutting

    Eagle County hosted an Earth Day event this week and invited Sunsense Solar to educate county staff about the advantages of solar for your home. Cristian Basso, an Eagle County based representative for Sunsense Solar, was on hand to answer questions. read on
  • Drink Sustainably: The Brewing Industry’s Commitment to Fighting Climate Change

    As St. Patrick’s Day quickly approaches, many people are probably getting ready for some serious beer consumption. But while the general public is thinking about drinking beer, some breweries are focusing on battling climate change. read on
  • Technology + Activism: How Solar Benefits Women in Developing Nations

    Due to social and cultural norms, 21st Century women around the world still face challenges everyday simply because they were born with female bodies. Thankfully, some truly wonderful organizations have found ways to take solar technology and use it to actively improve the lives of women in developing nations. read on
  • Empowerment through Politics: Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Fight for Sustainability

    As we all know, due to special interest groups, our current Congress is not exactly keen on passing green bills—despite the fact that the majority of Americans clearly support renewable… read on

  • The State of Solar: Solar Policies in Florida, Vermont, and Colorado

    Within the last few years, many states in the country have stepped up their commitment to supporting solar through incentives, mandates, and energy goals. However, each state has taken their… read on

  • Join the Race to Educate Students about Solar Energy

    As Fall approaches and the kids get used to being back in school, there are more opportunities than ever to learn about renewable energy in a classroom setting. Students in Carbondale, as well as across the country, now have access to an incredible program called Solar Rollers. read on
  • Sunsense Listed as a 2014 Top Solar Contractor

    Solar Power World released the much anticipated 2014 Top Solar Contractors list this week and we are proud to report that, for the third year running, Sunsense Solar made the grade. read on
  • From Carbondale to “Solardale”

    Nestled in the Rocky Mountains at 6,200 feet, Carbondale has been the home of Sunsense Solar since our founding in 1990. Originally an agricultural community that supplied food for the nearby silver-mining town of Aspen, throughout most of the 20th century Carbondale’s economy was primarily based on coal operations up the Crystal River Valley (hence, “Carbon”-dale). read on
  • Solar for Mountain Rescue Aspen

    Here at Sunsense we are all very proud of our involvement with the building of a new facility for Mountain Rescue Aspen. Mountain Rescue Aspen is an all volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through back country rescue and mountain safety education. read on
  • Celebrating Earth Day with Habitat for Humanity

    For the third consecutive Earth Day, the Sunsense Solar team was invited to collaborate with the Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork Valley Chapter , in a home solar panels installation at the latest Habitat home in Carbondale, Colorado. read on
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