• Keeping up on Solar Innovation

    One of the best ways to keep up and see all the changes in the solar industry is by attending solar conferences and expos. Probably the largest and best attended of these is Solar Power International (SPI) , most recently held last October in Chicago. read on
  • Be an Economic Driver in 2014

    If you are still of the mindset that solar is too expensive then you may find that you have fallen behind the times and don’t quite have your finger on the pulse of what’s hot and happening in 2014. read on
  • Do I need to wash my solar panels?

    This is a common question and the quick answer is “probably not”! If you live in an area of moderate to high precipitation then there is a good chance that your array is a getting a natural cleaning once every while from Mother Nature. read on
  • Understanding Solar Incentives

    Whether you are considering solar for your business or solar for your home, you have probably heard about various types of incentive programs that can help you make the decision to invest in solar and realize the benefits. read on
  • Divest now and keep fossil fuels where they belong – in the ground!

    The divestment movement is really starting to gain some traction in the US with commitments from hundreds of universities, colleges, towns, cities and religious institutions through out the nation. read on
  • We’ve Come A Long Way Baby!

    Solar really has come a long way since its early beginnings powering satellites in the US Space program. The U.S. now has over 7,700 MW of installed solar electric capacity, enough to power more than 1.2 million American households. In 2012 eleven US states installed 50 MW or more and over 82,000 homes installed solar across the country. read on
  • How Much Solar Do I Need?

    Its one of the first questions a homeowner asks (along with what will it cost) but honestly there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Whether your goal is to reduce your electricity bill, generate your own clean energy or increase the value of your home, leasing or purchasing a solar photovoltaic ( PV ) system is a great choice and its important to work with an expert to correctly design and size your system. read on
  • Solar Variety

    Some of our clients plug into solar in multiple facets. If you’re considering solar for your home, there’s a benefit to learning a little more from this example. Here in… read on

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