• Spring Into Action

    Posted March 7, 2020 by cullen
    Participating in your local community around environmental issues can be empowering. For this blog, we look at different ways you can spring into action and get involved in the Roaring Fork Valley to help combat climate change.
  • Solar Energy 101 – Choosing a Solar Contractor

    Posted January 27, 2020 by cullen
    Now that you have learned about the multiple benefits of going solar and looked at the array of solar options the final step is choosing a solar company to complete your installation.
  • Solar Energy 101 – Top 3 Benefits of Going Solar!

    Posted January 27, 2020 by cullen
    Going solar has a wide variety of benefits. From improving the environment to cutting energy costs, many people install solar to reduce their carbon footprint while also improving their property value.
  • Solar Energy 101 – What it is and how it works

    Posted January 27, 2020 by cullen
    Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun that is harnessed using an array of various technologies, including photovoltaic (PV) cells aka solar panels. The photovoltaic process is the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity using semiconducting materials.
  • Green Transportation

    Posted January 27, 2020 by cullen
    Transportation is a necessity in our world; however transportation is also one of the largest contributors to air pollution and climate change. Luckily, modern scientists and engineers are constantly inventing new and innovative ways to keep you mobile without harming the planet.
  • Solar 2016 – Trends and New Opportunities

    Posted January 22, 2020 by cullen
    With the close of 2015 and the unexpected extension of the Solar Investment Tax Credit, US Solar companies can now look toward 2016 with a stable marketplace within which to operate.
  • Small Businesses Benefit from Financing Solar Projects

    Posted January 22, 2020 by cullen
    Sunsense Solar is a member of Amicus, a cooperative of the finest independent solar companies across the United States.
  • Solar and the Free Market: Competition in the Energy Industry

    Posted January 17, 2020 by cullen

    For over 100 years, the United States’ Electric Grid has remained virtually unchanged. However, recently this monopoly has come across its first real competition: The Solar Industry—and many utility companies are not pleased.

    Net Metering poses some challenges for utility companies. Net metering is a policy which dictates that when…

  • Technology + Activism: How Solar Benefits Women in Developing Nations

    Posted January 17, 2020 by cullen
    Due to social and cultural norms, 21st Century women around the world still face challenges everyday simply because they were born with female bodies. Thankfully, some truly wonderful organizations have found ways to take solar technology and use it to actively improve the lives of women in developing nations.
  • Empowerment through Politics: Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Fight for Sustainability

    Posted January 17, 2020 by cullen

    As we all know, due to special interest groups, our current Congress is not exactly keen on passing green bills—despite the fact that the majority of Americans clearly support renewable energy and other sustainable initiatives. This is why one trail blazing non-profit, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, is taking a stand to…