Our Team

  • Scott Ely thumbnail

    Scott Ely

    Founder and President
  • Tyler Sweeney thumbnail

    Tyler Sweeney

    Residential Sales Manager
  • Alex Collins thumbnail

    Alex Collins

    Lead PV Installer
  • Shirley Powers thumbnail

    Shirley Powers

    Operations Manager
  • Steven Haines thumbnail

    Steven Haines

    Procurement Manager
  • Greg Peterson thumbnail

    Greg Peterson

    Residential Solar Consultant
  • Darin Binion thumbnail

    Darin Binion

    Lead PV Installer
  • Chris Howard thumbnail

    Chris Howard

    Commercial Sales
  • Christopher Taylor thumbnail

    Christopher Taylor

    Commercial Lead Installer
  • Cristian Basso thumbnail

    Cristian Basso

    Independent Solar Consultant
  • Dirk Summers thumbnail

    Dirk Summers

  • Jeff Lauckhart thumbnail

    Jeff Lauckhart

    Design Manager
  • Jeremy Brown thumbnail

    Jeremy Brown

  • Justin Martinez thumbnail

    Justin Martinez

    Commercial Project Manager
  • Matt Heck thumbnail

    Matt Heck

    AC & Storage Manager


Ryan Elftmann – PV Installer

Daniel Duggan – PV Installer

Jake Donmoyer – PV Installer

Patrick W. Scheirer – PV Installer

Matt Petaisto – PV Installer

Matt Greenlund – Residential Project Manager

Kyle Alchenberger – PV Installer

Rodney O’Brien – Master Electrician

Kevin Lundy – Off-Grid and O&M Technician

MaKayla Loden – Administrative Specialist

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