It Pays to Go Solar!

Here at Sunsense, we appreciate our community and understand that most of our business comes from word of mouth. That is why we are pleased to offer a $250 cash reward to anyone* who refers a new client to Sunsense Solar!


How Do Referrals Work?

It’s easy! All you have to do is complete the form below to refer someone you know who wants to Go Solar. If the referral leads to a signed contract, you will receive your Referral Reward once the project is complete. You also have the option of having Sunsense donate your Referral Reward to a nonprofit.

Referral Program Form (Comming Soon!)

Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork Valley
Adding a solar electric system to a Habitat for Humanity home helps to decrease or even eliminate the electric utility bill for the new home owners. Sunsense Solar has a long standing partnership with Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork Valley. Sunsense has volunteered to install 12 PV systems for Habitat for Humanity to date and looks forward to many more in the future!
Solar Rollers
Solar Rollers is a local, Carbondale based non-profit that helps high school students build and race their own solar powered race cars. This program fosters S.T.E.M. education, energy efficiency knowledge, and confidence through solar energy.
Solar Electric Light Fund (S.E.L.F.)
The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) is an organization that is dedicated to bringing reliable  electricity to deserving communities globally. Sunsense Solar had the chance to partner with SELF and Partners in Health (PIH) in order to install a 3.4 kW PV system for an HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis clinic in Hinche, Haiti. This off grid project helps ensure power for the clinic even when electricity from the utility goes down.


Help us spread the word about Solar!

*Terms and Conditions
  1. In order to qualify for the $250 Referral Reward, the Referral Reward must be no more than 8% of the total contracted system cost.
  2. Referrals must be submitted to Sunsense Solar through this form, by phone, or by email before the contract is signed.
  3. Referral Rewards will be paid upon customer payment of final invoice, after installation is complete.
  4. You do not need to be a current or previous Sunsense Solar customer to participate. Anyone** can be a part of the Referral Program.
  5. Referrals are only for new projects, not expansions on already existing systems.
  6. Only one Referral Reward will be awarded per project.
  7. There is no limit as to how many referrals you can send to Sunsense Solar, so make sure to spread the word about Solar!
  8. Charitable contributions are not tax deductible.
**Employees of Sunsense Solar, Garfield Clean Energy, Clean Energy Economy for the Region (CLEER), Energy Smart, and Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE) are not eligible for the Sunsense Solar Referral Reward.